About Us

The Wesley Foundation is a campus ministry of the United Methodist Church

We serve the students and campus of Jacksonville State University

  • Location
    Jacksonville, Alabama


Our student ministry seems always to be in flux as the world of young adults continues to change at a rapid pace. Every year we embrace change and try new approaches and strategies. We see ourselves in a missional context of ministry, trying to understand and speak to the “native” culture of millennials.

The core of our ministry at Wesley is the development and mentoring of student leadership. We are constantly seeking to find new ways to move from an “attraction” based model of ministry, where the primary goal is to get students to “come” and “participate,” to a “relational-missional” model of ministry based on student led small groups that are learning to lead, grow, and serve together.


Student led, relational ministry

In this missional context, we focus our ministry around an intentional relational model of ministry. While the typical student might tend to be apathetic towards organized religious events and organizations, they still have a strong desire to be in relationship. For us, the most effective way to engage students and to share Christ is through intentional relationships. The intentional part of relational ministry is the key. Otherwise it’s too easy for students to just hang out with the the half dozen friends they currently have.

    The Peer Group Process

    Our peer group process brings students together to create unique cultures of support, growth, and ongoing renewal for lifelong well-being. Whether a student is wrestling with questions of career and vocation, facing unique challenges, or just trying to figure life out, we believe that true collaboration with others can help us focus on the important things, get unstuck, and discover new ways to move forward.