About Us

Wesley provide an alternative community for students to hang out, to study, to explore their spirituality, to ask questions, to serve God and others, to belong.

The core of our ministry at Wesley is the development and mentoring of student leadership. We are constantly seeking to find new ways to move from an “attraction” based model of ministry, where the primary goal is to get students to “come” and “participate,” to a “relational-missional” model of ministry based on student led small groups that are learning to lead, grow, and serve together.

Our Ministry

L3 Teams

L3 Teams are the core organizational structure for the ministry of Wesley. Each Team, which is made up of around eight students, practice three core functions. They love together, learn together, and lead together. Each Team is unique and creativity decides for itself how it practices the 3 L's. Most of our service projects, our group studies, our social and fun activities are all by-products of the lived-community of our L3 Teams. Our Teams strive to make real in the lives of students in our community what it means to engage one another with Open Hearts and Open Minds around an Open Table.






Our Ministry

Wesley Night -- every Tuesday at 7:30

Wesley Night, every Tuesday at 7:30, is the main weekly gathering of the Wesley Community. We begin with a free meal, which is sometimes prepared by students and at other times brought in by parents and local churches. Then there is a various mix between live music, teaching, discussion, and L3 Team building.