About Us

Wesley provides an alternative community for students to hang out, to study, to explore their spirituality, to ask questions, to serve God and others, to belong.

We're bringing students together to lead, grow, and serve together. We intentionally move from an “attraction” based model of ministry, where the primary goal is to get students to “come” and “participate,” to a “relational-missional” model of ministry based on student led peer groups. The peer group process creates unique cultures of support, growth, and renewal so that the change we need to experience in our lives isn't threatening but loving.

Our Ministry

The Peer Group Process

Being a student can be hard, and life is not a straight line. It's not always obvious how to get to where we want to be from where we are right now. When you're trying to figure life out, please know that you're not alone. The Peer Group Process brings students together to help, support, and encourage one another. Healthy peer groups help one another step back, reflect, refocus, engage in re-creation and renewal, and move forward in new ways. The right kind of healthy relationships are the key to helping us overcome burnout, stagnation, and isolation. A healthy group of friends, working collaboratively together, can help us go farther than we could ever go alone.






Our Ministry

Wesley Night -- every Tuesday at 7:30

Wesley Night, every Tuesday at 7:30, is the main weekly gathering of the Wesley Community. We come together to build community with a mix of food and dessert, fellowship, community building activities, live music, teaching, discussion, and peer group building.