Wesley Giving Day


Your gift today in to the Wesley Foundation in our Inaugural Giving Day helps us to mentor and develop student leaders.

The Wesley Foundation at Jacksonville State University is an alternative community for students to hang out, to study, to explore their spirituality, to ask questions, to serve God and others, to belong. Our facility is open every day for students to gather, to study, to use our internet connection and public computers, to eat, to hang out. And since twenty students live in residence in our student dorm, we quite literally have students in our facility around the clock.

The core of our ministry at Wesley is the development and mentoring of student leadership. We are constantly seeking to find new ways to move students from seeing themselves primarily as the consumers of religious good and services to seeing themselves as the primary producers of ministry, from asking “what do I get from this,” to “what can I give to this?” This represents an ongoing process of change as we move from an “attraction” based model of ministry, where the primary goal is to get students to “come” and “participate,” to a “relational-missional” model of ministry based on student led small groups that are learning to lead, grow, and serve together.

The goal of student leadership is not programming or event planning, though those can be important practical things that come from small groups in the spirit of service to the larger community. We strive for a process of relationship building that is intentional, invitational, inclusive, and relational. The small groups themselves are the means by which others are invited and included in the community, in lives of service, and in deeper growth of faith. We see leadership as a process, and we coach teams and team leaders on a regular basis.The focus is on mentoring students and providing space where student led ministry can prosper.

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