2018-19 Academic Year Housing

All of our housing spaces are full for the 2018-19 Academic Year. We will begin the application process in March 2019 for the Fall..


Housing Scholarships are available, and we want you to have one! Our Housing Scholarships are in three categories depending on how much each student wants to serve. They include either a $500, a $1,000, or a $1,400 per academic year scholarship rebate. Read about our scholarships below.

The Standard Room rates are for double occupancy with the base rate at $1,800 per semester. Our rooms are designed for two roommates who share one bathroom. If you would like to apply for a private room with private bath, the base rate is $2,500. You will be able to select your preference on the "register now" form.

There are no extra fees. Rent includes utilities, high speed internet access, washer/dryer access, cable TV, and access to a cooking area.

You do not have to pay in advance when registering, so just select pay later on the form; however, a $200 refundable housing deposit is required after acceptance into housing. Payment reminders will be sent via email, and all payments can by made online by using a credit/debit card. You may, of course, pay in person with check or cash.

After registering, you'll be contacted by the Wesley Director to setup an interview time.


Though we list below these minimum expectations for a housing scholarship, our intent is not to create some sort of legalistic minimum; rather, our intent is to help students grow more intentionally in their own sense of purpose and call. Our students tend to be great people who have the best of intentions, but, like everywhere else in the culture, we do not always live intentionally. It is often difficult for students to "get going" and to make the kind of difference that they really do want to make. We don't want to tell students what they have to do. We want students to tell us what they want to do, how they want to serve, the areas that they feel called to grow into.

All Scholarships are awarded at the end of each semester as a REBATE. The rebate will be awarded according to the student's choice--in the form of a check returned to the student, or the rebate may be applied to the upcoming semester.

Ambassador Scholarship

Scholarship amount: $400 per academic year ($200 per semester).


  • Actively participate in an Ambassador Team, which primarily is responsible for preparation and hospitality for Wesley Night each Tuesday;
  • Hospitality includes welcoming, intentionally including other students, reaching out to new students, and setting an open and inviting atmosphere;
  • Preparation includes cleaning and preparing the facility, setting up for Wesley Night, and cleaning up after Wesley Night;
  • Two Ambassador Teams will alternate hospitality and preparation each week according to a designated schedule;
  • Participate in a minimum of 3/4 of the Ambassador Team's activities.
  • Abide by the Community Covenant Agreement.

Team Scholarship

Scholarship amount: $1,000 per academic year ($500 per semester).


  • Be an active participant in 1 Relational-Missional Team per semester. A Relational-Missional Team brings students together for both relationship building, personal growth, and learning as well as service, outreach, and intentionally including others.
  • Each Team will have a coach to help them recruit, organize, and implement their team ministry;
  • Participate in an Ambassador Team;
  • Abide by the Community Covenant Agreement.

Lead Scholarship

Scholarship amount: $1,400 per academic year ($700 per semester).


  • Available by invitation only