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Apply now to be a part of Leadership Formation in Wesley Housing for the 2018-19 Academic Year.
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Wesley has dorm rooms available for the May and summer terms. Rent month to month or stay all summer.
Wesley is an alternative community...
Wesley is a campus ministry of The United Methodist Church. We provide an alternative community for students to hang out, to study, to explore their spirituality, to ask questions, to serve God and others, to belong.
We live out our mission in service...
We live out our mission in service to others. Our student-led teams lead the community in reaching out to make a grace-filled difference.
Wesley Night is every Tuesday
Wesley Night is every Tuesday (during the school year). We begin with a free meal together at 7:30 followed with music, community building activities, and a short teaching.
Intramural Sports
There's always room on a Wesley Intramural team--softball, football, soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, bowling, dodgeball, beach volleyball...
Campus Life
Wesley promotes involvement on campus, and we strive to be as active as any other student organization. Our students are often leaders on campus. One big thing for us is Homecoming, and we go all out every year to make a great Homecoming banner!
Serious Fun
Great friends=great fun.
Community Meals
There's always something to eat around Wesley, and every Wesley Night we serve a meal of some sort (Tuesdays at 9). Sometimes our students cook, sometimes it's pizza, but other times our students are blessed by some moms and churches bringing food by.
A Mission of Friends
Our friend-mission is about radical grace and acceptance. We feel that a life that is actively seeking God is a life that is outwardly focused, open towards others, resisting judgmental and prejudiced attitudes, embracing daily transformation and change.
"I have called you friends"
As Jesus said to his disciples, "I no longer call you servants...but friends," so we accept the call to lift up others as friends. This is more than hanging out, it's a purposeful process of investing ourselves in others, of intentionally reaching out to make a difference in their lives and make real the grace of God in our lives.

Wesley is an alternative Christian community. We believe in bringing people together, overcoming barriers, and investing ourselves in others with open minds and open hearts.

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Get Involved!
The ministry of Wesley is organized around student led groups and teams. Sports teams, service groups, social groups, challenge groups, and more.
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