Welcome to Wesley

JSU Wesley is a peer-mentoring community grounded in the Christian spiritual practices and values of joy, compassion, love, and gifts. We bring students together to share the journey of a Life Worth Living, a life of deep meaning and purpose.

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Join us in our App

The Wesley Circle app is the central way to connect with us. Follow our Wesley Night schedule and calendar, meet up with new friends, and stay connected with your Circle.

The Wesley Circle

Cultivating purpose in life is about far more than a job or a career. It’s more than what we do. It’s also about who we are and the kind of person we are becoming. Together we share the journey through a peer-mentoring group, or Circle, designed to foster spiritual and personal growth. Learn more about the Circle, and connect with us in our app.

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Coming this September is our new podcast, "A Slacker's Guide to Happiness." Follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, etc., or directly in our Circle app.

About us

JSU Wesley is a campus ministry of the United Methodist Church serving the students at Jacksonville State University.

Wesley is a Christian community, but our students represent a wide range of religious backgrounds and traditions--including "none." We believe that when we embrace and love others, we are loving God.

More about us

We understand it can be tricky getting involved in a new organization. Just going to a new place where you might not know anyone can be a real challenge.

Wesley Night is our community's primary weekly gathering every Tuesday @ 7:30 during the school year. Learn about and connect with a Circle, our way of bringing students together to share the journey.

You can expect an inviting, laid back atmosphere. And cookies.

Seriously, we're not into pressuring people. We'd just like to be friends and cultivate the kind of environment that fosters lasting relationships. That truly is the main thing. The learning and growth that we want to help students experience comes in the context of meaningful relationships. And ice cream.

This is a new season of planting for the Wesley ministry, and we are investing in students in new ways helping students cultivate purpose and move forward in life. This is far more than picking a major or planning for a career. These are spiritual decisions to make about the values that order our lives.

We live this out through an intentional small group process we call a Circle.

The best way to keep up with what's happening at Wesley is through our app. Our primary activity, though, happens through our small group process called the Circle. Circles meet according to their own schedule, and then we encourage Circles to work jointly at different times throughout the semester. This is a dynamic process led by individual students working together as mentors. We'd love for you to join in!