Community Covenant


Wesley is a covenant community. Covenant speaks to a relationship between persons. When we enter into a covenant, we go beyond mere contractual obligations. We establish a relationship. Residents of the Wesley Foundation establish and live within a covenant relationship with fellow students and the Wesley community. 

Wesley housing offers an innovative living and learning environment that helps to promote respect and responsibility among students and encourages them to learn from one another. A Wesley room is more than just a spot to sleep and study - it's a place to discover and learn about yourself. It is not a dorm or an apartment; it is a house because community is at the center. Wesley residents are far more than renters. They are active learners, leaders, and ambassadors of a ministry living in a covenant relationship.

This covenantal living intends to create an atmosphere of mutual support and accountability so that residents may live in a safe and enjoyable environment. Wesley Foundation Housing cultivates a Christian atmosphere in which students may deal with the spiritual, intellectual, and social challenges of college life. Community provides a context where students can wrestle with complex issues and find support during challenging times. Wesley is a diverse community committed to learning, sharing, and serving. Residents are expected to be open-minded and respectful of others.


Residents are required to be active members of the community and total participants in the ministry of the Wesley Foundation. Living in community is an integral part of Wesley. Ministry and service within and outside Wesley to the broader University campus are equally important. Wesley residents must want to experience community life and servant ministry to others.

Residents are required to attend community housing meetings as called by the Director to discuss community problems, share concerns, and establish relationships. Absences from housing meetings are excused only with the permission of the Director in advance.


Residents will refrain from using tobacco of any kind inside the facility, including smoking, dipping, chewing, spitting, and vapor.

Residents will refrain from using or possessing alcohol, drugs, firearms, fireworks, weapons, or paint guns on Wesley property or at Wesley events.

Residents will refrain from violent and abusive behavior, both physical and verbal in nature.

Residents will refrain from sexual activity on Wesley property or at Wesley events. 

Residents will respect quiet hours established and reviewed by the residents at housing meetings. 

Residents are responsible for cleaning, sweeping, and mopping their rooms. Any unsealed or open food must be disposed of in the lobby trash and NOT in the room. Rooms may be inspected at the Director's discretion. Upon checkout, residents must clean their room thoroughly for a deposit refund. Details for cleaning will be provided before check out.

Residents may arrange and decorate their room as they wish with some restrictions. Restrictions include no painting, dismantling the furniture, large nails or screws in the wall, or taping on the walls. Residents may be asked to remove inappropriate symbols or posters at the Director's discretion.

Agents of the Wesley Foundation, including the Director and approved maintenance persons, may enter any dorm room for maintenance, inspection, or emergency. Advance notice will be given whenever possible.

There is a $150 fine for wrongfully pulling the fire alarm or wrongfully using fire extinguishers. This is a criminal offense in Alabama, and the authorities will be contacted.

Cooking is allowed only in the central kitchen.

Residents must respect the property of others and the physical property of the Wesley Foundation. Residents are expected to report to the Director any misuse of the property and behavior that misuses the rights and property of others. 

Residents may house certain pets in the dorm at the discretion of the Director, provided that the resident also pays an additional pet fee. Allowances for pets will be made on an individual basis to ensure the appropriateness of the animal and compatibility with the roommate and other members of the community.

Residents may not have overnight guests in their room or any commons area around the Wesley facility without permission from the Director.

Residents must be actively enrolled JSU students and remain in good academic standing with the university. A resident expelled from the university will be subject to being expelled/evicted from the Wesley residence. A resident placed on academic probation or suspension is required to immediately notify the Wesley Director where their ability to remain a Wesley resident will be reviewed. The Wesley Foundation strives to create an atmosphere that helps students achieve academically, cultivate a deep sense of purpose, and move forward in life. However, it is the student’s responsibility to seek appropriate help, counseling, and academic support. 

Residents are required to abide by their financial obligation to the Wesley Foundation and submit their housing payments on or before their due date. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Director about any financial hardship that may arise that may impact their ability to maintain rent payments.

Residents are required to demonstrate an ability to pay their financial obligations through either employment, scholarships, or financial aid and/or have an adult guarantor sign the Covenant with them. 


Residents may not miss a housing payment. Residents 30 days past due will receive a 7-day notice to make their financial payments or vacate their room in accordance with Alabama law.

Wesley residents are required to abide by the terms of this Community Covenant. Failure to comply with any part of the Community Covenant will result in eviction/expulsion from the Wesley residence and forfeit the remainder semester fee and housing deposit.


I agree to abide by the Wesley Community Covenant.

I understand that I am entering into a financial agreement with the Wesley Foundation, and I agree to pay the entire rate for the fall and spring semesters. I understand that payments are due in four equal installments per semester and that the due dates are August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1, January 5, February 1, March  1, and April 1. I agree to make payments on time, and I understand that a $40 late fee will be applied to payments received more than five days after the due date.

I understand that any housing scholarship I may have been awarded is contingent upon my participation, service, and leadership within the Wesley community. I understand that I must meet the expectations outlined to continue to receive the scholarship. If I lose the scholarship because I do not meet the expectations set therein, I understand that I am obligated to pay the total rate.