Housing at Wesley

Through its housing ministry, the Wesley Foundation offers JSU students a unique Living-Learning community that significantly adds to the college experience.

About Housing

Wesley is a peer-guided learning and mentoring community grounded in Christian spiritual practices and values of joy, compassion, love, and gifts. The Wesley House offers an immersive experience for students that fosters meaning, values, and purpose in life.

A Wesley room is more than just a spot to sleep and study - it's a place to discover and learn about yourself. It is not a dorm or an apartment; it is a house because community is at the center. Wesley residents are far more than renters. They are active learners, leaders, and ambassadors of a ministry living in a covenant relationship.

Living at Wesley is an opportunity to be a part of a special form of community that fosters friendships and personal growth, but it is up to the students themselves to create that community. Therefore, it is critically important that all students who live at Wesley be especially active in the ministry and activities at Wesley. The expectations for residency during the academic year are described in the Community Covenant.

Housing is available only for current JSU students.

Academic Year Housing

Academic Year housing is structured in a way similar to university housing. Students are making an 8-month commitment for housing from the start of the fall semester in August through the completion of the spring semester in April.

There are no extra or hidden fees. The rate includes utilities, high-speed internet, a washer/dryer, streaming TV, and access to a cooking area.

There is an abundance of shared, common space around Wesley for residents to study, lounge around, and be together with friends.

There is no registration fee. Upon acceptance, a deposit will be required to reserve your space.

Our rooms are designed for two roommates who share one bathroom. The Standard Room rate for double occupancy is $1,900 per semester. If you would like to apply for a private room with a private bath, the rate is $2,700 per semester.

All residents are invited to be a part of an ongoing peer-guided mentoring group, or Circle, designed to foster spiritual and personal growth. Each group's mentor is our Wesley Director, who has decades of experience helping students find their way in life.

While the Wesley Circle ministry is available to any student across campus, Wesley residents receive the added benefit of living in a positive and supportive environment. Being with the right people in a good environment makes all the difference.

The online application is a short, simple process. The next step is attending a Housing Interview meeting. You'll have a chance to select a meeting on the last question of the form. If necessary, a private conversation with the Wesley Director follows.

Housing Scholarships are available for all residents! The Wesley Scholarship is $1,000 ($500 per semester) applied to your rent. Our scholarships are awarded to students who take seriously the opportunities they have at Wesley to love, learn, and lead together.

The focus of our scholarship is to help students grow more intentionally in their own sense of life purpose. We often have the best of intentions, but we do not always live intentionally. It is often difficult to "get going" and to make the kind of difference that we really do want to make. We are helped by a loving nudge and a positive environment to be more focused and more intentional in our life. Together, we can go farther than we could ever go alone.
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
Our scholarships are not based on a long list of things that students have to do. Our process is helping students identify how they want to grow, how they want to serve, the difference they want to make in the world.

In a nutshell, the Wesley Scholarship is intended to foster community, and students are required to

Housing Application

The Housing Application is a simple online process. Applications for the upcoming 2024-25 Academic year will be available on March 1, 2024.

Summer Housing

Wesley has housing available during the summer months, from May through the start of classes in August. There are no contracts, and we will house students on a first-come basis for a flat monthly fee on a month-to-month basis.

Learn more about summer housing and apply here.