Our Ministry

As a campus ministry of The United Methodist Church, we are open to all students. Ours is an invitational-relational model of ministry. That means, at its core, that our ministry is...

A Mission of Friends

As Jesus said to his disciples, "I no longer call you servants...but friends," so we accept the call to lift up others as friends. This is more than hanging out, it's a purposeful process of investing ourselves in others, of intentionally reaching out to make a difference in their lives.

Radical Grace

A friend-mission is about radical grace and acceptance. We feel that a life that is actively seeking God is a life that is outwardly focused, open towards others, resisting judgmental and prejudiced attitudes, embracing daily transformation and change.

Small Group Process

Being a student can be hard, and life is not a straight line. It's not always obvious how to get to where we want to be from where we are right now. When you're trying to figure life out, please know that you're not alone. The Small Group Process brings students together to help, support, and encourage one another.

New Paths Forward

Intentional peer groups help one another step back, reflect, refocus, engage in re-creation and renewal, and move forward in new ways. The right kind of healthy relationships are the key to helping us overcome burnout, stagnation, and isolation. A healthy group of friends, working collaboratively together, can help us go farther than we could ever go alone.

Elements of our Ministry

Wesley provides an alternative community for students to hang out, to study, to explore their spirituality, to ask questions, to serve God and others, to belong.

A Place to Belong

Our facility is open to students every day during the school year. We have spaces to study, to eat, to watch a movie, to hang with friends, to belong.

Wesley Night

Wesley night is every Tuesday evening at 7:30 during the school year. It's a time for cultivating community, learning, and serving others.

Service to the Community

There are a steady stream of service opportunities for students to engage in, from big projects like disaster recovery, to more local acts such as canned food drives, "potato drops," or a 5K race to raise funds.

Intramural Sports

Basketball, flag football, beach and indoor volleyball, water polo, etc. We try to field men's and women's teams in every sport.


We fire up the grill, get a small bonfire going, and throw on the burgers and dogs.

Costume Party

Community building is about all kinds of fun, and sometimes a little wacky, things. Our annual costume party and contest is a wacky hit. Not everyone has to costume up, of course.